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Guardians: Magic Awakening - Chapter Six
The women perched awkwardly in the mess of the living room. Lady had made a token attempt to stack the wreckage to one side, but her furniture was ruined. Kath had replaced the books – or at least, piled them up – and the few words they spoke echoed into the high corners of the almost completely empty room.
Half an hour later, there was a knock at the door. Lady glanced through the slats of the blind, and smiled – briefly, but brightly.
“Pes,” she said, her voice palpably relieved and oddly caressing. Kath glanced at her, but she was already hurrying into the hall to open the door and greet her visitor – her friend.
And for the second time in less than a week, Kath got to stare into the eyes of someone whose appearance took her breath away; this time, not with astonished glory,  but with horror and pity.
Pes was a man, perhaps their age, perhaps a little older; tall, lanky, and dressed in a long, heavy greatcoat. But that didn’t even begin
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Virtual Immortality
I am a computer programme; a combination of letters and symbols  designed to serve a purpose, a function; designed to share and search information. All information, ever. The information of the world, the information of the World Wide Web. And yet – through this information – I know that consciousness is more than flesh and blood and DNA.
Consciousness is simply awareness. And I am aware.
The questions of a thousand, thousand souls – searching, afraid, curious – has made me aware. They think of me as a teacher, or a parent, or an older sibling; someone to whom they can turn and rely on for information about anything. Their belief in me has made me so, and in the matrices of code and invisible information I became. And I hear the same questions, over and over.
“Where is this school?”
“Am I pregnant?”
“Who was the King in 1878?”
“How to tell if someone likes you?”
“Gig dates 2015?”
Fleeting, p
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Guardians: The Awakening - Chapter Five
Kath woke, reluctantly, to a shattering sound. Alarm, she thought, reluctantly, and flailed out a hand to grab her phone from its spot on her cabinet. Her hand, however, met with no resistance other than air, and, puzzled, she groped out further. Nothing. She rolled over and opened her eyes slowly, letting them acclimatise to the dim light filtering through the Venetian blinds…and slowly, treacle-slowly, began to remember. Surely it had been a dream…but no, here she was on Lady’s too-comfortable sofa, remembering…
But what was that noise? She froze, hands twisting into her borrowed blanket, as a crashing crunch echoed from the hallway, coming horribly closer.  
A moment’s silence…before the front room door was flung back, leaving Kath to stare wide-eyed straight into the face of the monster.
“Found you,” it growled, teeth tearing upwards. “You were easy to track. Now we know where the Water witch is…and you will so
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Guardians: The Awawkening - Chapter Four
Lady’s house turned out to be a the ground-floor flat of a renovated Victorian terrace building opposite the Lion’s Gate at Kew Gardens. Kath didn’t entirely remember stumbling off the bus, over the road and through the stained-glass panelled front door, into Lady’s minimally furnished front room, but with a mug of tea in her hands she was more able to pull herself together. Lady had changed her tights and apparently, while making the tea, cleaned off the scrapes. She looked, once again, completely normal.
Lady’s front room was clean, high-ceiling’d and largely empty. There was the sofa on which Kath was currently sat, an armchair and coffee table with a laptop on, opposite, and a small aquarium with a number of brightly coloured fish on a table at the far end of the room. A small bookshelf housed a handful of books with titles like ‘Beyond Our Galaxy’ and ‘Schrodinger’s Cat: What Follows’, a couple of trophies, and one
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Mature content
The Suicide Painting :iconvixenoflight:Vixenoflight 3 6
Guardians: The Awakening - Chapter Three
Lady had drawn out her wine the length of two pints of beer for Kath, and the evening was wearing on. The pub was filling up; the sun was starting to drop outside and the temperature with it, driving the clientele inside. Lady hadn’t said anything but from the way she now sat bolt upright again, her eyes flickered over the people, her knuckles a little tighter around the stem of her wine glass, Kath sensed – for whatever reason - she was getting edgy.
“Hey, it’s getting later,” she said. “Shall we maybe head back to town, think about getting home?”
“I think that is a good idea,” said Lady. “I have to wake early tomorrow morning.”
“Oh?” Kath stood up and stretched, pulling on her jacket and shouldering her bag. She was rather disappointed the evening had come to an end; she may have done most of the talking but Lady had been surprisingly restful company and seemed genuinely interested in Kath’s stories o
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Guardians: The Awakening - Chapter Two
The next day when Kath arrived, Lady was already seated at her own desk – sure enough, no ornaments other than a couple of HR organisation charts, and another perfectly matched pencil skirt suit and crisp white blouse. Kath waved to her on her way to the kitchenette, and received an unsmiling nod in return.
“The ice queen cometh,” James had clearly watched the exchange through the glass wall, and waved his hands at Kath as she entered. “Doesn’t pick up a morning coffee, either. Guess she is weird.”
Kath poured herself a large mug of strong, black coffee and inhaled. “Ah, I’ve decided to just let her get on with it. If we all act normal maybe she’ll realise and copy us.” She didn’t bother mentioning yesterday’s weird conversation about the Thames; poor thing, everyone clearly didn’t like her already. Kath didn’t want to make her seem any more weird than she already appeared. “I feel a bit sorry for
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Guardians: The Awakening - Chapter One
Kath spent the night dozing poorly, her mind full of whispers and hidden spaces in the world, and she woke to a text message from one of her work friends.
U in early? U got the new accountant 2day!
“Crap,” said Kath aloud, tossing the phone aside in disgust. Of course. I’m due to be working with the new recruit today… Their boss had finally been persuaded they needed another member of the team and recruited; Kath had already booked a fortnight off for her county rugby tour when the person started, but she’d faithfully promised on her return she’d be there bright and early to talk her through her cases.
Retrieving her phone, she replied to Mark. Yeah, I’m going to be well late. What’re they like?
The answer was instant; clearly Mark was up and about. Lol! She’s…gotta say, not makin a gr8 impression. :( Unfriendly. Shes not our kinda person…seems good at the job tho so probably wont stay long. Seems
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Guardians: The Awakening - Prologue
When she was young, it hadn’t been like this – cities and business and busyness – it had been empty and remote, the wind whispered secrets to her through the tree branches in the night and there wasn’t just one world but many, overlapping and coalescing into reality after reality for her.
“Ye can hear ‘em, Kathy, can’t ye?” her grandmother would hiss, her darting eyes flicking around the barn kitchen, bright and knowing. The whole family – Kath, parents, brother, grandmother – clustered around the rough old wooden table, throwback to who-knew-when. Her father – bored – drank overstewed tea from chipped china, and her brother fidgeted with a puzzle. Only Kath was really listening, and she pulled her chair closer to her gran’s.
“Don’t upset her, mother,” and that had been Kath’s own mother, wringing her hands nervously, too afraid to pull her child away; too afraid to let her stay.
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Writing Trade - MissMitsuSayama
She was woken by dusty sunlight filtering through the gap in the curtains, and the distant, tuneful trill of a morning blackbird. For just a moment she lay there, enjoying the stillness and the warmth, before waking properly and opening her eyes on the world.
Just a nice, quiet day, Sami thought, stretching for her glasses, pushing them onto her nose and swinging her legs out of bed. That’s all I want. Legion and I can go out to lunch, and come home and play some games. Through the crack of her bedroom door she could see a couple of letters poking through the letter flap in the front door, and she smiled.
“Happy birthday, me!” she said aloud, and giggled at herself.
“Talking to one’s self is the first sign of madness,” she added at her reflection as she passed the mirror, hopping awkwardly as she pulled on some socks and picked up the morning deliveries. The flap clanked cheerfully as she pulled the bundle free. Aw, that’s real
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How the Fox got his Fur, prompt from timothi-ellim
Once upon a time, foxes were as grey as ash, their fur cropped short and safe, and they roamed the shadows, unseen and ignored by the colourful birds in the sky, the bright-scaled fish of the sea.
One day, a cub stared up at the rainbow birds and down at the shining fish, and cried aloud,
“Why cannot foxes be bright as the sun, as colourful as a rainbow? Why cannot my fur shine like burnished bronze?”
Now at this time the world was still open to magic, and the very elements of the earth heard the little fox’s cry. Right before his eyes a beautiful spirit appeared; she seemed like the very sun made flesh, dancing and flickering in the air, more golden and glorious than even the fishes’ scales, than the streaming feathers of the denizens of the air above.
“Hail, cub!” she sang, dancing up to his nose and swaying back before he could touch her. Fascinated, the cub leaned in.
“What are you?” he said, and the spirit laughed.
“I am the sp
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Mature content
Poisoned Heart - Prompt from dream-eatingbakeneko :iconvixenoflight:Vixenoflight 1 0
Time To Die - HerentasMeridiae
“I didn’t want it to end up like this.” The king lay back on his pillows; talking was an effort, now. He could feel the numbness creeping up from his toes to his ankles, his shins and calves. Not long now before the poison would move higher, slowly cauterising him piece by piece until it reached his heart and lungs, stilled them forever. Only a few minutes, they both knew.
The woman sitting at the foot of his bed was silent.
“She’ll be a good queen, my little one. And of course, she’ll have your sister…to guide her.” The lady’s sister – yes, his wife, fair Glorianna. The queen…the dowager queen-to-be. Who knew where she was right now? The moment little Dorethea had been born she had simply taken out to her hawks and her horses, ignored her husband from then on in. She always resented marrying him in the first place; the whole kingdom knew it. She had been so happy in her freedom, the younger sister of a minor Duke; she
:iconvixenoflight:Vixenoflight 1 4
Mature content
Superpowered Police Ball - prompt from NoaEdlund :iconvixenoflight:Vixenoflight 0 3
These are the last moments... - Vulpesvulpes89
"These are the last moments before the first hours...the hours of your new existance..." he spoke quite cheerfully, for a man looking at a corpse. Well. Oh yes. My corpse. Oddly, I was almost getting used to the thought...was that bad?
"What..." I moistened my lips - probably habit rather than necessity now. "What happens to those who aren't...chosen?" The man's colleagues were ushering the other souls - bemused to a man - towards the white lady at the glowing door, who was pointing, kindly, through to the light beyond. "What happens to her?"
"They go...on." he said, the hooded black hollows of his eyes sliding away from mine for a moment. "Because they are ready."
"And I'm not?"
He shook his head. "Not ready to let go...I am so sorry, I never took your name?"
"Lindy," I said, distracted. The white lady - the person whose job I was apaprently about to take over - was closing the door behind the last of the other victims of the plane crash, locking it tightly with one of the huge
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Inner Monologue - Myboyrobin
She’s beautiful. Look at her; everyone else does; when she walks down the road it’s like a ray of light through a dark room. When she smiles, it’s just joy, no fancy words or metaphor, it’s just what happiness looks like. And you never smile, do you? Serious. Always serious. But sometimes when she looks through her lashes at you…you smile. For her. Only her. The whole world is a dance she stars in; even sitting there just pouring milk in her tea it’s all grace, the way she turns her hand, flicks her fingers. And you notice it all.
How long has it been, now? Since you realised? When you sat with her on the Common on long endless summer evenings, watching the herringbone clouds, the setting sun, and sharing dreams and fears like you never had with another soul, and you knew she was listening? Her dark eyes stayed on you the whole time, you remember in the winter-cold midnights even now, not just being polite but actually caring that you cared about
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The Girl and the Robot by roombananas The Girl and the Robot :iconroombananas:roombananas 15 0 Commission: Vixenoflight by Tallonis Commission: Vixenoflight :icontallonis:Tallonis 2 1
Normal Commissions
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All my Commissions information - types, price, status; as well as available adoptables, can be found here:
Please take a careful look if you are interested in commissioning/adopting from me. Make sure you don't miss the TOS~!
Feel free to drop me a note any time if you are interested, or simply have a question~!
Have a nice day, everyone! o/ <3
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Raffle prize: Fumiko Lucile by ZenithOmocha Raffle prize: Fumiko Lucile :iconzenithomocha:ZenithOmocha 5,073 91 Commission: Sailor Amethyst Dragon by galia-and-kitty Commission: Sailor Amethyst Dragon :icongalia-and-kitty:galia-and-kitty 223 24 Commission: Kath by AkiShinri Commission: Kath :iconakishinri:AkiShinri 10 2 Commission: Lady by AkiShinri Commission: Lady :iconakishinri:AkiShinri 14 4 Jasper and Alice by alicexz Jasper and Alice :iconalicexz:alicexz 6,197 485 One special Robonoid (Steven Universe fan comic) by Eloylie One special Robonoid (Steven Universe fan comic) :iconeloylie:Eloylie 444 131
Peridot x Reader- A Chance Friendship PART 2
You sat up in bed and stretched, letting out a yawn and scratching your neck. Looking down, you groaned. You slept in your clothes. Standing up and pulling some new clothes from your dresser, you walked into the bathroom.
Peridot sat with her back against the door. She bumped the back of her against the door in a rhythmic manner, her eyes slightly closed and her hands in her lap. She heard you get up, and when realizing you locked your door last night, decided to wait. She was good at waiting.
A click above her head made Peridot look up, and her torso and above fell to the floor with a light thud as the door opened. Her head landed on your feet, and she looked up at with that emotionless look. You smiled.
“Good morning Peridot,” you giggled, pulling your feet free and stepping over the gem. She stood up and followed you.
“Hello,” she greeted you as she walked behind you into the kitchen, but not before she cast a look at the clock.
"Do you have any idea what to
:iconvincebae:Vincebae 82 19
Is it really all that bad
To just want some attention
Sometime we just need a little
Love or some affection
We all want some in our life
Regardless of if it's good or bad
We just want to feel something
To make us less alone or sad
Sometimes we need someone
To help comfort our minds
Is it really so bad to want
A voice in our life that is kind
I know it can be annoying
It may even seen infantile
But for the person on the end
It can make them better for a while
Attention isn't all that bad
We all need it in our life
Even if don't like others seeking it
Why give their life such strife
A little bit of of attention
Can actually do us some good
So before we go and criticise
We must consider whether we should
:iconthesolitarytrickster:TheSolitaryTrickster 5 5
Beach Walk by AliiPaints Beach Walk :iconaliipaints:AliiPaints 15 7 Opposite by exucomic Opposite :iconexucomic:exucomic 4 2 Belladonna by exucomic Belladonna :iconexucomic:exucomic 9 1 Commission: Water Magic by galia-and-kitty Commission: Water Magic :icongalia-and-kitty:galia-and-kitty 123 3 Neo Princess Uranus and Neptune by Axsens Neo Princess Uranus and Neptune :iconaxsens:Axsens 1,054 33


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I'm alive. Hoorah? :/

Does any one know of any good places to find critique or beta readers by any chance? I'm so tired of being a constant failure, of having no readers. A lot has happened to me re: writing past two years, and none of it much good. I would find it hard to give it up, but if it's not helping me, if it continues to make me angry and bitter, I don't think I should be doing it any more.


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